Know When and How a Tendonitis could Cripple You Unaware

It is very difficult to trace the causes of tendonitis as one suffers from pain, inflammation and trauma. Unless the causes are known it is practically impossible to treat as there are a variety of causes. Before identifying the underlying causes you have to understand the problem.

Tennis elbow may affect the elbow and arm but tendonitis can affect any tendon in the body. Inflammation and pain can be due to many reasons though they are also the symptoms of tendonitis.

Injury a common cause

Injury to the affected area is one of the most common causes for tendonitis. It is often a sports injury causing inflammation to tendons. The injured discover that they have developed tendonitis after the original injury is healed.


Frequent repetitive movements strain the same tendon and cause inflammation and soreness. Thus over use is a common cause of tendonitis. Tennis elbow has this cause. It is an inflammation of the tendons in the elbow due to over use. Factories workers and those over using the tendons run the risk of developing tendonitis in their hands and wrists. Over use may be the reason for tendonitis in musicians, pianists and computer savvy people affecting their wrists.

Aging another cause

Aging is the final cause of tendonitis since the tendons because aged along with the body. The elasticity of the tendons is damaged due to old age and become inflamed on over use. We cannot avoid most of the causes though we can prevent the problem becoming worse. Any swelling in any part of the body can be treated by an ice pack or icing. This will prevent the tendon from becoming worse.





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