Know more about hitherto Unknown Facts about Calcified Tendonitis

It is really surprising that calcified tendonitis is not due to excessive intake of calcium. Blood tests of those with the ailment do not show abnormal levels of calcium in their blood. X-rays is the best way for diagnosing calcified tendonitis and calcium deposits on the body’s tendons. Both shoulders are likely to be affected by the condition.

Types of calcified Tendonitis

According to doctors two types of the ailment sexist namely degenerative and reactive calcification. Normal aging causes degenerative calcification due to regular usage. There is steady and progressive deterioration. This is because of decrease in blood flow to the shoulder’s rotator cuff where the muscles are connected by many tendons to the largest bone in the upper arm.

We do not know much about the causes of reactive calcification. But according to scientists it is related to degenerative changes in the structure of tendons leading to the formation of calcium deposits. This type, though causing pain, heals by itself after a period. The body absorbs the calcium deposits thereby forms a new tissue to heal the tendon affected.

Who is most at Risk?

Old aged people are affected by calcified tendonitis while those under 30 years are left untouched by it. Younger patients have reactive calcification over use and excessive pressure on the shoulders causes degenerative calcification and affects people over and above 40 years. General stiffness and pain leading to shoulder’s disability to rotate and move.

Treatment options

Besides anti inflammatory drugs, Cortisone injections in the area is the most effective method of treating calcified tendonitis. A method called “Lavage” is also used for treatment. Lavage meaning “to clear” in French has the insertion of two needles, filled with salt water, in to the shoulders to eliminate calcium deposits. Unbearable pain, according to the doctors, may be reduced and rectified by a minor surgery.





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