Find out how few Non-Medicinal Measures could Cure Your Wrist Tendonitis

The computer, in modern times, has become the villain of the piece in causing innumerable incidents of wrist tendonitis. This is also refused to by doctors as tenosynovitis with swelling and pain around the joints.

Adult age groups are usually prone to this wrist tendonitis. Treatment options for this disease are many depending upon the symptoms and severity of the pain. Simple application of ice to the wrist is the first and basic treatment.

This treatment decreases swelling and increases blood flow to the muscles and tissues. Preventing the movement of the wrist with a cast or splint is a common treatment for wrist tendonitis. The idea behind this treatment is that the tendons are inflamed and over used and can heal well if immobilized.

Treatment methods

Over the counter medicines anti inflammatory drugs along with treatment, to bring down swelling are used by patients. In severe cases Cortisone injections by health care professionals can be taken to take care of the symptoms. Injections of cortisone should be few and far between to avoid damage and weakening of the tendons surgery should be contemplated as a last resort and only after failure of other arc ques of treatment.

Prevention of Wrist Tendonitis

Simple preventive measures are necessary as in other cases. Set up a computer work station to bring down the strain on the wrist when typing. Sit at a good height keeping your hands in a natural position while typing. Purchase a specially designed key board with a simple wrist pad to diminish any strain placed on the wrist while typing. Take periodic breaks and see your hands are not rested on these pads while typing. Both the key board and the mouse should be below the user’s elbow. Don’t raise the back of the key board while typing.





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