Learn to Identify your Tricky Hand Tendonitis Symptoms and its Treatment

Do you feel hurt whenever you sit for typing? Do you think it might be the dreadful carpel tunnel? Don’t you feel loss of sensation in fingers and tingling? Before you take the extensive carpel tunnel testing, remember that you are suffering from hand tendonitis.

It is a different type, less painful and caused by the inflammation of the tendons in the wrist and hands. There is inflammation on the wrist and pain in both hands and wrist. Though it affects one specific tendon, it can spread throughout the hand.

Irritation generally is felt around the wrist joint where tendons are kept in sheaths. The sheaths thicken due to irritation while the tendons cannot pas smoothly in their normal range of motion. The ability of hand is severely restricted by hand tendonitis. Swelling is seen in the affected area of those with hand tendonitis.

Diagnosis f Hand tendonitis

It is for the qualified doctor to diagnose the ailment. General doctor may not be able to diagnose the condition. If it is a severe case a hand specialist is necessary to isolate the affected area for severe problems, as the pain spreads throughout the hand. To find out the correct spot that is affected, doctors perform stretches of the affected hand.


Hand tendonitis treatment can be tricky. Each affected person has a different kind of treatment. But doctors choose a common treatment. First they immobilize the affected area. A hand brace is used to keep the hand unmoving. Thus aim of this is to reduce inflammation. This is very vital for hand tendonitis due to over use. While he hand is immobile it is iced several times a day to lessen inflammation.

Anti inflammatory drugs like naproxen are used by doctors to reduce pain and swelling. Otherwise cortisone is injected directly in to the tendon. Though painful it brings down inflammation. Surgery is the lost resort for treating hand tendonitis.





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